Welcome to Sorrell Group International, your top source for corporate services, agency consulting, and international trade. We give our clients the help and direction they require to be successful in the current global marketplace thanks to our considerable experience in these domains.

We have the knowledge and experience to successfully negotiate the myriad rules, customs, and logistics that are involved in international trading. Expert guidance is offered on everything from starting a new business to managing an existing one by our team of corporate services specialists. We also provide agency consulting services to aid businesses in entering new markets and expanding their global operations.

At Sorrell Group International, we take great pleasure in our ability to offer specialized solutions that are tailored to the individual requirements of our clients. We work hard to provide the best standard of service and support while being committed to establishing long-term connections.

Our customers may be confident that we are dedicated to upholding the highest moral standards and consistently operate in their best interests. Additionally, we adhere strictly to all applicable rules and regulations.

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This is a short introduction to Sorrell Group and gives examples of some of the previous projects carried out by our international organization. The example projects do not include Agency and Market Entry consulting we manage remotely in Asia or the confidential single client contracts, but rather those funded by large organizations such as, PAE, IAP, KBR, Sky Link, US Military etc. The document also includes a brief curriculum vitae for a selection of skilled staff that are employed at SGTC. It is designed to show the depth and variety of our capabilities, and further information can be supplied upon request.

Sorrell Group International Services in the Agency Development sectors include:


· Vendor Management

· Capture Strategy

· Market Entry

· Feasibility Studies

· Logistics

SGTC Services in the construction & procurement sectors include:


· Civil construction

· Camp building

· Electrical Facilities

· Project Management

· Buried Facilities


· Diesel & Mogas

· Delivery and Import


· Aggregate (Gravel, Sand, Limestone, sub base ect.)

· Office & Household Appliances

· Office & Household Furniture

· Tarpaulin & Tents

· Beds & Mattresses, Carpets, Curtains & Accessories

· Sign Boards

· Stationery Items

· Cleaning Equipment & Products

· Industrial & Laboratory Chemicals

· Sanitary ware

· Electrical Hardware

· Light fittings & Fixtures

· Cables

· Air Conditioners (Window, Split, Package, etc.)

· Concrete Products

· Alarm & Security Systems

· Fire Fighting & Safety Products etc.

· Automobiles, Spare parts, & Tires.


· Trailers (Portable - Shower/Latrine etc.)

· Barriers (Jersey, Alaska, Texas etc.)

· Construction of Buildings, Dormitories, Bunkers etc.

· Concrete Works

· All types of Steel Works

· Steel Products


· Local and TCN Skilled and Unskilled Labour

· Potable Water Delivery

· Black Water Removal

· Portable Toilet Sales, Service, & Rental

· Trash Removal & Dumpster leases


· Soft & Hard Personal Commercial Vehicles

· Heavy Equipment

· Buses

Sorrell General Trading company is the Iraqi wing of it’s American based holding company, Sorrell Group International inc. SGTC was started with the idea of fulfilling a relatively niche market by providing professional grade procurement services for the US Military and Govt contracting firms at work in Iraq, while still allowing them to utilize a local company and support Iraqi business.

SGTC is used to working in Iraq and succeeding in spite of the current dangers inherent with working in this field. Since our founding members entered into the field in 2004 we have safely procured and delivered millions of dollars in supplies and equipment to military installations throughout Iraq.

SGTC has a lean, focused, time tested network of local & international suppliers that help us to offer quick, accurate, no nonsense quotations in a hurry. Intimately familiar with the FAR and other government and civilian contract regulations, our specialists work diligently to provide a seamless link from your quote or proposal request to our delivery. Rest easy knowing that we guarantee accurate and timely delivery of every purchase order awarded. Frustrated with vendors that are confused by complex descriptions or simply do not understand your requirements? Overworked by the same vendors who will not bid on difficult to obtain items or worse yet, provide substandard or the wrong goods all together?

We offer a simple, yet effective, solution. Include SGTC. on your bidders list and let us take care of the rest. Please take note of some of our specialty solutions and products we regularly provide. Keep in mind that were are one of the few companies in Kuwait were “size dose not matter” SGTC. will nurture every RFQ/RFP with the same level of integrity and devotion.

Furthermore, when awarded a purchase order or a subcontract, we shall provide ALL the goods or services you require, irregardless of their dollar value.

While we appreciate the opportunity to assist the US Military and their subcontractors we at SGTC have a wider vision. A vision that includes a free and stable Iraq that will once again become the hub of commerce for the region. In sync with our vision we have already started attracting and promoting international agencies inside Iraq. And we will continue to expand on this effort as our company grows.

Cleveland C. English III

Managing Director

Key experience and skills

  • Govt Procurement experience working with and supplying the US Military &KBR in Iraq

  • International Trade experience importing and exporting varieties of goods fromthe USA and SE. Asia to Iraq.

  • Agency development experience promoting and marketing international brands.

Pirayudh Paeungchaitananont

Architectural Consultant

Key experience and skills

  • Architectural design subcontracting, previous clients include (Tajima co,Japan, and Hyundai Engineering & Constructions on Saad 14 & 23 inSammara and Falluja Iraq.)

  • Architectural consultation and feasibility studies.

  • Project cost estimation.

  • Team management; currently oversees the work of in house junior architects

  • New innovative concepts in architectural design.

Chris Sanderson

Agency Development Consultant

Key experience and skills

  • Market research and analysis; This includes understanding the local culture, business practices, and regulations, as well as the competitive landscape.

  • Business development experience in developing and implementing BD strategies for clients looking to enter or expand their presence in SE Asia. This includes identifying potential partners and clients, negotiating agreements, and building relationships.

  • Strategic planning: including developing and implementing a plan to enter the market, expand operations, and best use logistics.

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